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Oil containers

Model: 2405112149480
The perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts, a must-have item in every kitchen!An elegantly designed set that keeps olive oil delicious and high-quality over time!The set includes 2 olive oil storage products from the Italian brand SANSONE:Premium 5-liter stainless steel tank with a standStainless stee..
Model: 2311111228410
Luxury Italian Design Olive Oil Bottle from SANSONE Discover the perfect gift for all cooking enthusiasts, an indispensable piece in every kitchen! Enjoy a stunning and elegant design that combines taste and quality. This glass jug was designed with great care by the famous Italian company SANSONE...
Model: 2405112027380
Oil Containers: The Perfect Gift for Cooking Enthusiasts!This item is a must-have in every kitchen! Designed elegantly to preserve delicious, high-quality olive oil for a long time!By purchasing a stainless steel olive oil storage container from the Italian company SANSONE, you'll enjoy the followin..
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